Inserting actions into the IM stack through an internal action?

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Inserting actions into the IM stack through an internal action?

Alan Gordon White
I've been using an internal action that does some A* based
routefinding; at the 'end' of execution, a plan object is passed into
agent plan library and then triggered (I've tried doing this in two
ways; the first is adding the trigger goal - 'doRoute' - using
ts.getC().addAchvGoal(); the second is to directly push() the plan
body, formed into an IntendedMeans object, onto the IMs stack of the
current intention -

The asl entry is very simple (the agent just runs from A to B, then
adds a goal to go in the reverse direction), i.e.;
+!moveTo(J):         J="J8" & not at(J) & not busy & not stuck <-
.print("Do plan to move to J8"); agent.internalAction.PlanRoute(J);
+!moveTo(J): J="J7" & not at(J) & not busy & not stuck <- .print("Do
plan to move to J7"); agent.internalAction.PlanRoute(J);

Both work fine in terms of getting my little agent(s) moving.

However, I'm running into a problem in that my GoalListener methods
are only returning a failure for the triggering goal (doRoute) - not
the 'parent' goal (moveTo).  As my overall work relies on tracking
the success of plan executions, this is pretty crucial; if/when an
agent fails at some point along the route, I need to have a similar
failure recorded for the moveTo goal.

I'm trying to understand how I can solve this; unfortunately my code
is a bit too unwieldy to post in full, but this is the pertinent
//take route and parse into a Plan object
Plan plan = getPlanFromRoute(from, to, route, startOnRoad);

//add new plan... can't iterate through list under modification, so  
need to copy/clone
//into unmodifiable 'read' list for this... avoid  
insertIntoPlanLib(plan, ts);

//invoke plan execution
Intention in = ts.getC().getSelectedIntention();
Option o = new Option(plan, new Unifier());
IntendedMeans im = new IntendedMeans(o, plan.getTrigger());

return true;

I *think* I may be able to get this working by changing the Trigger  
object passed into the IntendedMeans constructor - but how would I get  
the trigger for the current intention?

(and, of course, is this even the right approach to take?)

Thanks in advance,

NB1: I hope the following makes sense...
NB2: It would be remiss that I've been aided by looking at Meneguzzis  
Peleus code for dynamic plan generation  

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