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Hi Jomi

About output on MAS console:
1) is there any mean to stop the names of agent appearing on the MAS console when they display there message/output?
2) can Jason be run as plugin on some Internet tools such as Moodle to display output from the MAS console?. Can you please direct? 

Thank you.


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On 4 Aug 2014, at 13:28, "Jomi Hubner [via jason]" <[hidden email]> wrote:


indeed it seems all fine. Did you realize that the insert uses "Flour" (with upper case) while the query uses "flour"? 



On 20/07/2014, at 12:05, P Marionya <[hidden email]> wrote:

Hi Jomi,

I have setup the following example in eclipse with two agents sample agent and dbmanager.  The example is supposed to insert item records into the item table and query and display the id of the inserted record.  Insert works right but query doesnt work.  Where am I getting it wrong?

Below attached find the agents.

I appreciate your help upfront.



MAS helloworld {

infrastructure: Centralised

      "org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver", // driver for HSQLDB
      "jdbc:hsqldb:logplan", // URL connection
      "sa", // user
      "", // password
agent1 sample_agent;


//sample agent

// Agent sample_agent in project helloworld

/* Initial beliefs and rules */

/* Initial goals */


/* Plans */

+!start : true <- .print("hello world.");

//dbmanager agent

/* Initial beliefs and rules */
    :-  item(Id,Name,_,_) &

/* Initial goals */

/* Plans */

<- .findall(CA,find_by_title(J,CA),L);
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