Performance of Jason in provided examples such as gold-miners

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Performance of Jason in provided examples such as gold-miners

Vin Baines
Hi All,

I'm having some performance issues with Jason, and whilst initially I  
thought it was down to my agent/env class extensions, I wonder if its  
something else now, maybe too much iteration in plans, or too many  
percept updates.

But, looking through some of the Jason examples, I can see similar  
very high CPU use - on a dual core 2.8ghz box I see both CPUs maxed  
out at 100% for long period of time, or until the example has finished.

The 'gold-miners' is a good example - run as default its CPU  
consumption is fine, but if you change the sleep time in the mas2j  
file to < 5 CPU starts to max out. The mining-robots, food-simulation,  
iterated prisoners dillema all show similar high CPU use.

I'm interested if those more familiar with the examples can think of  
anything specific which may cause this performance issue? OK, I  
appreciate at higher frequency of info there is simply more CPU work  
to do, but is this just the case here?



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