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Rafael H Bordini-2
Hi Hongyun,

Interesting question. We have not implemented it, and since this would
require changing the parser, if anyone else implemented it, they
probably would have a version of Jason that wouldn't be compatible with
the updates we regularly make to Jason.

Note that there is already a lot of concurrency (rather than
parallelism) within the agent because an agent can have various
intentions, and also in the environment because there are multiple
agents. If, when you said "parallel actions", you meant the action
execution done by the environment, that is possible, it only depends on
how you implement the model of your environment, which in pure Jason is
a Java program you write yourself (normally actions are "atomic", it
makes the implementation easier, but this is up to you). To model
parallel actions that take place in the environment and yet give the
correct feedback to the agent(s) when the actions are finished, it might
help to use Cartago. See although for this
specifically you only need the Jason-Cartago integration.



On 23/02/2012 04:40, [hidden email] wrote:

> Subject:
> Jason user_ parallel action
> From:
> 许洪云 <[hidden email]>
> Date:
> 23/02/2012 04:40
> To:
> [hidden email]
> Hi, there
> I've got a question from the official Jason book called Programming
> Multi-Agent systems using AgentSpeak in Jason. One part of it is as
> follows:
> "Another example of a construct not available in Jason is to allow
> parallel goals as
> available, e.g. in CAN [102]. This allows us to achieve two goals
> concurrently and,
> when both are achieved, carry on with a given course of action. " at Page 227.
> I would like to know if anyone has implemented a parallel operator for
> describing conjunctive agent actions or goals since this book was
> published. Is there a way to describe an agent program that has
> parallel actions occurring at the same time.
> Looking forward to your reply.
> Many thanks.
> Hongyun

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