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Jomi Fred Hubner-4
Dear Pooja, 

there are many examples that use an environment:
regarding a specific GUI for an agent, see

Also the chap 5 of the jason book covers this topic.



On 21/09/2011, at 12:07, pooja vashisth wrote:

Hi Jomi,

I created a gui env using a java file but how do I include it in my jason project. I am not able to run the file on command prompt. The java code written in jason should not contain a main(I suppose). How do I compile the code and use the gui in my jason project? I have gone thru the FAQ soln. of setting classpath but even tht is not working?

Also the elec. bookstore example in jason is not running. It needs to run some ant.saci file which i cant find in the project. saci is not getting initialised due to it . what to do in tht case. Please if u can me out in these issues.I need to create a web app.

Thanks in advance,

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