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Jomi Hubner
Hi Andres,

the simplest way is to use the internal action .stopMAS. When some agent detects the termination condition, it executes this action. For instance, in the case of time elapsed:


+!stop <- .wait(10000); // wait for 10 seconds



> On 18 de abr de 2017, at 15:06, Andrés Parra <[hidden email]> wrote:
> Hello, I'm doing a project with Jason and I need to stop the execution of the program when global conditions are fulfilled (same for all agents). My project consists of 12 agents who perform specific tasks (each one has its own plans) and I need to stop the execution when a time limit is reached or a certain number of movements are fulfilled. I have read the example "gold minners II", but I don't understand the way they stop the execution here. How can I stop the system when the conditions are met?. I appreciate your help.
> Thanks,
> Andrés Parra Gaviria
> Industrial Engineer
> Student of Master of Science in Systems Engineering
> UANL, Mexico
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