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Re: Is there an official Maven source for jason.jar?

Jomi Hubner
Hi Stephen,

we finally include jason in the maven central repository!

you can add:


in the configuration of your pom.xml file to use it.

Since it is the first time we use maven, please let us know if it works fine.



On 03/02/2013, at 23:01, Stephen Cranefield wrote:

> It would be very useful if there were an official version of jason.jar in a public Maven repository. I found a copy in a repository at, but I don't know if that is endorsed by the Jason team.
> Given the LPGL licence, we can't distribute software that makes use of Jason without either distributing jason.jar and the Jason source code, or leaving it up to users to obtain Jason and manually provide the link to the jar file when building the system that uses Jason. It would be much simpler if we could distribute a pom.xml file that points to an officially sanctioned version of jason.jar.
> Regards,
> Stephen

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