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Rafael H Bordini-2
Hi Abdulla,

The belief is removed in the same reasoning cycle where the intention
with the "-belief[...]" formula was executed. Although you're allowed to
do it, it's not usual to delete beliefs that originate from percepts.
For example, if the percept that led to the belief is still in the
environment in the beginning of the next reasoning cycle, through belief
update the agent will acquire again that same belief that you just
deleted. This is a usual cause of problems with deleting percepts, but I
cannot tell if that's the problem in your case. If this doesn't help,
feel free to let us know.



On 22/07/28164 16:59, Abdulla Al Zaabi wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a question regarding updating the belief base of Jason agents. It
> seems that removing a belief base from an agent’s belief base is not
> guaranteed to take place in the same reasoning cycle. I am trying to
> remove a belief with specifying the source (e.g.,
> -pRecord(_,_,_)[source(percept)]), but sometimes it works perfectly
> fine, and others it fails to remove it.
> Any suggestion on how I can tackle this problem?
> Thanks,
> **
> *Abdulla Al Zaabi*

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