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Jomi Fred Hubner-4

On 30/07/2011, at 14:51, pooja vashisth wrote:


Hi Pooja, 

Please, I need help and some guidance on the following implementation issues in Jason.

1. Is it possible to have agents working in multiple environments within one jason project ?

In the usual distribution, there is only one environment. If you need more, you can create and use a "special" environment that joins all others.

2. How can one create a user interface in the form of web pages in jason. What language do we use to code the web page?

We have an example based on JSP available at
<a href=" 1.3/">

(see readme for more information)
Although this example uses Saci as the communication platform, I guess that it is quite easy to move to JADE.

3. Is it possible that a human user can pass certain inputs from a web page to an (user) agent so that the input enables the agent to choose an appropriate plan according to the input. How can we do this ?

In the Jason book you find a detailed description of this application. 



4. Is there any application in the Jason's example or demo list which I can refer for some help on the above issues ?

I would be thankful for your help!
Thanks and good day,

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