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Rafael H Bordini-2
Hi Tina,

There is one data structure that records the percepts that all agents
receive (everything that is visible to ALL agents) and then there are
separate structures for each of the agents. This way you can model
things that are publicly perceptible as well as things that only one or
a group of agents can perceive (e.g. because of their location within an
environment). To more more practical, if you wanted to completely clear
up all percepts of all agents you need to execute clearPercepts() (to
clearly only the global percepts) and then the individual percepts for
each agent, e.g. clearPercepts(ag1), clearPercepts(ag2), etc. See also


in the API, if you need it.



On 19/06/2011 11:50, [hidden email] wrote:

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> Subject:
> clearPercepts()
> From:
> Tina Balke <[hidden email]>
> Date:
> Sun, 19 Jun 2011 15:48:59 +0100
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> [hidden email]
> Hi Jomi and Rafael,
> I have a short question concerning the clearPercepts-method. I try to
> use clearPercepts(String ag) to clear the percepts of one particular
> agent, however looking at the simulation, the percepts are not always
> cleared when the method is called. That's why I'm currently trying to
> find a reason for this. Looking into your book, I saw that as
> explanation for the method you write "clearPercepts(A): delete all
> percepts in the list of percepts that are exclusive to agent A". Just
> for clarification: What does "exclusive" mean in this context, i.e. if
> two agents hold the same percept and and one used the clearPercepts(A)
> method on one of the agents, is this percept deleted?
> What could be other reasons for percepts nor being properly deleted?
> Thanks a lot for your help in advance,
> Tina

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