ask: A class Agent has access to all agent bases? In any function?

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ask: A class Agent has access to all agent bases? In any function?

Marcos Côrtes
Hi Jason's develops...

I have a question about the Agent class. 

A derived class can access the BeliefBase in all methods because there is the method getBB(). And the user can access it in any method of a derived Agent class.

Well, can the user access the Event Base and the Intention Base in any method of a derived class by the method getTS().getC()? Is it a "good pattern"? (is it common or will I bring me a lot of problems?)

I ask it because I has implement a Emotional Agent Framework based in Jason and I need define that bases I has access in one extended method of class Agent.


Ass: Marcos Côrtes
Mestrando Computação - UFF

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