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Rafael H Bordini

I´m using customised classes to run with Jason. It´s a set of classes for representing and manipulating fuzzy information that I´m trying to integrate with Jason (NRC FuzzyJ Java API toolkit).

I have already defined the fuzzy variables, fuzzy values, fuzzy sets and some linguistic expressions which describe which describe the fuzzy values. Now, I´m trying to display them to check if the fuzzy values are ok and to verify the recognition of  these definitions by Jason.

It seems that the interpreter is not recognizing the "system.out.println(<fuzzyvalue>)" command or it´s displaying a null value. There´s no claiming from the interpreter, but anything is displayed. The "system.out.println" is working when I try to display a string like "system.out.println("Hello colleagues of BAS workshop!"), for example. But it does not work when I exchange the string to a fuzzy value.

I have already tried an example that is presented by the FuzzyJ user´s guide. Just to make sure that the definitions of the fuzzy values I´m using are not causing this situation. But the behaviour of the system.out.println command is the same.

Then, I would like to verify if this situation could be related in how the interpreter handles the "system.out.println" command? Also, can I try to use another Java command?

Thanks in advance! Regards,

Rosalvo E. Streit.