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new release of Jason (1.3.10)

Jomi Hubner
Dear all,

We have just released the version 1.3.10 of Jason!

The main changes in this new version are listed below (release notes). Several changes are suggested by users, to whom we are grateful.

To download the new version please go to:

Best wishes,

Jomi and Rafael

------------- release notes -------

- (sub)goals can have a deadline, e.g.

        ......; !g(4)[hard_deadline(3000)]; ...

  if g(4) is not finished in 3 seconds, a failure event is produced.
- the internal action .wait accepts a logical expression as argument, as in

       ...; .wait(b(X) & X > 10); ....

   The intention will be suspended until the agent believe b(X) with X > 10.
   Timeout and elapse time arguments can be used as previously.

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