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new release of Jason (1.3.9)

Jomi Hubner
Dear all,

We have just released the version 1.3.9 of Jason!

All the changes in the new version are listed below (release notes). Several changes are suggested by users, to whom we are grateful.

To download the new version please go to:

To update the eclipse plugin, just select the "software update" option in Eclipse menus.

Best wishes,

Jomi and Rafael


New features

- new operators do add beliefs
        "++" add a belief with new focus (a new intention is created for the
             event produced by the addition)
        "+<" add a belief in the begin of the belief base (it is the same as
             the usual "+" operator)
        '+>" add a belief in the end of the belief base

- new special achievement goal events
 that are created when the agent is going to sleep (is becoming idle) and
 becoming busy after sleeping, respectively.

 see demos/idle for an example of how to use this feature.

 **NB: The +!idle event is deprecated, you must use +!jag_sleeping instead!
 Note however that the +!jag_sleeping event is only generated when the agent
 starts an idle period, rather than being generated again at every reasoning
 cycle as with +!idle in previous releases.

- new agent options:
       [qcache=cycle]: it enables cache for queries on the same cycle, this could
                                   improve the agent performance in some applications.
       [qprofiling=yes]: it generates some statistical data related to queries and is used
                                  to measure the performance of the qcache option

- new general configuration parameter the define whether short names will be used
 for unnamed variables (those starting with _).
 Usually these vars may have quite long names. With this option enabled, the names
 will be kept short.

 This parameter is stored in the ~/.jason/ file and can be changed
 either by editing the file or by running

        java -jar lib/jason.jar

 NB: If in the file doesn't exist the first time someone runs
 Jason, the file
        <jason install directory>/
 will be used for initial user's parameters.

- new internal action .shuffle to shuffle the elements of lists

- and some bugs are fixed

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