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post by Danilo Pianini: jason-jade tutorial out of date?

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jason-jade tutorial out of date?
Danilo Pianini <[hidden email]>
31/10/2011 15:19
<[hidden email]>

I tried to follow the document at using Jason
1.3.6, but it seems to be no longer consistent. It complains that it can
only run on a Jade platform, and uncommenting the instanceof control
throws the following:

Error in internal action 'jadedf.register'!
jason.infra.jade.JadeAgArch$JasonBridgeArch cannot be cast to

The inner class JasonBridgeArch, having no public modifier, is not
accessible from an external Java code. Moreover, all this is not
consistent with the API description:
JadeAgArch is actually a subclass of JADE's Agent
(, which obviously
does not implement the interface AgArchInfraTier.

Is there something wrong or it's all my fault?


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